MiniWEDay: a project supporting social action across northern England

We all know that volunteering is a good thing to do, but how much does it actually help us? This week the #iwill campaign, which is led by HRH The Prince of Wales and encourages young generations across the UK to get involved in social action, broke it down for us.

Their research found that an impressive 42% of 10-20 year olds took part in social action in 2016, with nearly half of those that missed out last year keen to get stuck in to helping their community this year. They also found that through social action programmes like O2’s Think Big, a whopping 92% picked up valuable new skills (cue: proud face).

To celebrate this exciting news, we decided to delve a bit deeper and find out more about what you guys have learnt along the way. We caught up with Think Big project leader Molly Dixon, whose project, MiniWEDay, is all about social action…

“MiniWEDay is an event to inspire and motivate young people to get involved in their local communities as well as volunteering and starting their own social action projects. Our event combines the energy of a live concert with the inspiration of incredible stories of leadership and change.

Whilst on the Think Big programme, Molly has learnt lots of new things, including the ability to network. She has used her new found skills to create strong connections with 10 local schools, offering the students stacks of volunteering experiences ranging from a food drive to an anti-bullying initiative.

We asked her about the part digital has had to play in her project.

“To set up MiniWEDay, myself and co-organiser Andy Green have used many different types of technology, including our digital hub, This is used by lots local schools to keep up to date with social action opportunities in the area, as well as informing them about organisations that their students can get involved with.”

And as if all this wasn’t enough, MiniWEDay has now become an annual event with so much interest that Molly has expanded it to other northern regions.

As it’s Student Volunteering Week, we were keen to find out why Molly is passionate about volunteering.

“Young people can make a huge difference to the communities around them, locally and globally. Getting involved in social action provides an opportunity for young people like me to make a difference while adding something great to their CVs!”

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