Happy New year (it's a bit late, yes we know!)

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, the BeScience Team wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, filled with adventure, excitement and success!

Let’s have a quick #FlashBack
The year of 2015 was filled with adventure and a lot of lessons. We are a new movement, and trying to push out idea to the world has not been the easiest of tasks, but have been one of the most exciting, risk-taking adventure yet.

Top 10 moment of 2015
1. Getting the STEM award at the 02ThinkBig awards
2. Having worked with over 90 volunteers
3. Becoming a national movement, by having our popup shops both in the Leicester Highcross Shopping Centre and Brent Cross (London) shopping Centre
4. Being approved to the level 2 with 02 Think Big
5. Having a 4 year old child build an electrical Fan at one of our event
6. Having over 1000 attendees at our last Leicester Highcross Popup
7. Being supported by the amazing and award winning DMU Square Mile
8. Launched and toured several of Leicester libraries with our LibraryLab concept
9. Being a part of the Leicester Council Eco Conference
10. BeScience Team having a mini-dance off at our most recent pop up event

As you can see, this year has been a super year for us and we have had many top moments which we will treasure forever!

This movement would not have been possible without the support of a few individuals and organisations, i.e. Tina Barton, 02 Think Big, DMU Square Mile, student Volunteers, Dr Peter Taylor, De Montfort HLS technicians, George Gibson and the list goes on.

The year of 2016
We have a lot planned for this year and we are going to carry working hard to push this movement to the frontline of the community, making STEM accessible to all. We have a few surprises/announcements in the bag, so keep posted to find out what’s going on and how you could possibly support us by following us in Twitter (@bescienceSTEM), Facebook (BeScience STEM), Instagram (BeScienceSTEM) and this blog!

‘LearnScience, ThinkScience, LiveScience’

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