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From concept to performance

To avoid hours of rigorous research on correct geometric vernacular it would be best to describe how we constructed the P. O. D. Mk II (P.O.D. = 'public only dome', our hand-crafted the performance space) in picture format: (see link to GIF above, or at www.youcrywolf.com/news)

The ultimate goal of this project is to share our work, 'A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)' and perform it to as many as are curious, but having contacted large arts festivals to little avail we decided that we needed to solidify the branding of the project first, that we needed to do some pop-up gigs, and with the photos and coverage create a more appealing tour-pack.

With the POD Mk II complete we had been in discussions with 'Moonstone', a fantastic group of installtion artists that helped realise one of the first performances of 'A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)', about constructing a performance at a venue in King's Cross, namely Surya. This was set to be, as well as the first outing of POD Mk II, an evening that fused our music and electronic music, with the goal still being creating a space in the venue for the audience that creates the illusion of being inside the space of the narrative itself being performned. Sadly, logistical reasons meant we had to postpone this particular show to the new year. Keep your eyes peeled - more news on that one soon.

Fortunately we have been given another opportunity to give the P.O.D. Mk II its maiden voyage, at this year's 'Artlicks weekend 2016: Site, Sight and Sound: a celebration of audiovisual and performance art @ The NINES Peckham'. Once again we hope this performance will be another vivid hallucination of a parable of obsession and its consequences, that forces audiences to take centre-stage, to enter the narrative, to see through the eyes and into the soul of the protagonist, ‘Peter Russo’. This performance is, too, an experiment in using sounds, scents, sites and textures to create the illusion of entering Peter Russo’s mind’s eye, as he embarks once more on a lucid, heuristic flashback.

Making use of the dynamic variety of performance spaces the NINES offers, this performance will feature three installations, giving greater scope to explore in further detail and in varying ways the narrative of ‘A Fresh Start…’, and license to move freely between installations, around the recesses of ‘Peter Russo’s mind, to create one's own narrative.


With everything ready to go look out for 'A Fresh Start...' popping up here and there, and of course via our live stream, available through the website www.youcrywolf.com

In the market for audio/visual art installations? Contact www.youcrywolf@gmail.com

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